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With the new SLX you ride anywhere, anyway you want to!

For the 2012/2013 season SHIMANO introduces a new SLX group set. The new SLX is specifically developed for all-round mountain bikers. Mountain bikers who desire to ride on any challenging terrain and trail course. By SLX SHIMANO makes people enjoy the innovative and high quality features of the XTR and DEORE XT at an affordable price point.


Drive-train The Dyna-Sys drive-train comes in two varieties: double and triple. The rider can choose the option that suits his style, fitness or terrain best. The ever popular and more versatile triple comes with a new HOLLOWTECH II 42-32-24T chain ring combination (FC-M670). The 24T inner ring offers a significant improvement in efficiency compared with a 22T and still provides a very low gear for climbing when paired with a 36T rear sprocket. SHIMANO also developed a new crank for a wider gear range. This double crankset offers a lighter gear, especially for climbing conditions, but it does not have the close gear combination like Dyna-Sys. The FC-M675 offers a crank with 38x24 chain rings.

The rear derailleurs of the SLX group are added with two new features, SHIMANO SHADOW RD and DIRECT MOUNT RD. SHIMANO SHADOW RD, available for RD-M670, is intended for more aggressive riding. Because of its super low profile and single tension construction, the derailleur does not hit the chain stay in rough riding conditions. The result is smooth and silent performance. SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ offers more stability and is available for RD-M675. It introduces a switch at the pully cage to enforce a heavier spring tension and activate a friction stabilizer to counteract the forces of up and down chain momentum in rough terrain. Chain bouncing can often cause noise as the chain slaps the top and bottom of the chain stay, or even derail from the front chain ring in extreme circumstances.

DIRECT MOUNT RD gives you the option to make a more direct connection to the frame by eliminating the B2 body plate from the rear derailleur. This means there is one connection less between the frame and the rear derailleur mechanism. This results in more stiffness and therefore more accurate shifting, a stronger rear derailleur frame connection and a better alignment below the cassette. Because you can simply remove the B2 body plate from all our new rear derailleurs DIRECT MOUNT RD assembly is optional. Manufacturers can choose to make their frames ready for this mounting or not. All our new rear derailleurs are compatible with both mounting possibilities.

SHIMANO improved the rider ergonomics further more by developing a shorter shift lever with optical gear display (SL-M670). It supports lighter and easier shifting because of RAPIDFIRE Plus and 2-way shifting and a 3x/2x manual mode converter. The mode converter allows you to manually change the left hand unit to be used with both double and triple cranks. Next to the standard version there is also a shifter with Ispec for a cleaner cockpit (SL-M670-I).

Ice Technologies disc brakes
The new SLX SERVO-WAVE hydraulic disc brake (BL/BR-M675) provide huge progress in braking, control and heat management. The new compact caliper with oversized one-way bleeding 22mm ceramic pistons is combined with a lightweight lever. The lever is lighter than the current version, yet provides more brake power! The center lock disc rotors (160, 180 and 203mm) have a three layer sandwich structure of an aluminum core embedded in stainless steel. The higher heat dissipation of the aluminum helps to reduce the surface temperature of the rotor by around 100 degrees Celsius. Optional Ice Tech brake pads with aluminum cooling fins can reduce the brake pad surface by another 50 degrees. The result is high stopping power and practically no signs of fading!

Mechanics will appreciate the integration of the one-way bleeding system and riders will enjoy the option for Ispec shifter mount compatibility to shave a few grams and have a clean cockpit.

Next to the standard hubs SHIMANO introduces new hubs for a more stable handling and an increased durability. The 12mm (FH-M678) and 15mm (HB-M678) E-thru axle. MTB CX tracks have many sharp turns and steep hills where Quick Engagement is essential. SHIMANO has improved the rear hubs of it high end MTB group sets and wheels and equipped them with 18/16 notches and two sets of pawls to double the engagement and optimize traction.

Availabel on the market around July 2012
SHIMANO DEORE LX, a crossover premium

The new DEORE LX combines the trekking, urban and comfort bicycle styles into one group set. The 10-speed components are lightweight, compact, slim and offers gentle and secure feeling on the bike. The DEORE LX group set will be available in two colors, Sterling Silver and Lodestar Black.

The HOLLOWTECH II triple crankset (FC-T671) is developed with two different gear combinations, the 48-36-26T and 44-32-24T. Both chain case compatible. The LX rear derailleurs have been developed with a double servo-construction that improves adjustability and resists weather and dirt. The derailleur always keeps close to the cassette sprockets, allowing smooth and effortless gear changing. DEORE LX cassette options are 11-32T and 11-34T (CS-HG81-10). They can be used in combination with the HG-X directional 10-speed chain (CN-HG74).

SHIMANO introduces at the DEORE LX new 10-speed shifting and braking levers. The shifters (SL-T670) have an ergonomic shape, offer low-effort shifting, RAPIDFIRE Plus, a 2-Way release and a vivid optical gear number display with new precise movement. DEORE LX offers Ispec compatible V-brake levers (BL-T670) as well as SERVO WAVE disc brake levers (BL-T675) with an ergonomic three finger lever.

Hydraulic disc brakes
The DEORE LX disc brakes (BR-T675) are more reliable than ever. The hydraulic system is improved with a one way bleeding caliper that also provides easy maintenance and more control. The oil route throughout the system is streamlined to prevent air bubbles from being captured in the system. One way oil routing plus a funnel tool provides an easy and clean bleeding system.

DEORE LX includes two new hubs with quick release. For V-Brakes the DH-T670 (2.4W and 3.0W) and for disc brakes the DH-T675 (3.0W). Both hubs have an efficient power generation and high quality sealing. Angular contact bearings of the Cup & Cone offer super smooth rotation and longer durability. It also allows easier maintenance, adjustability and serviceability. They feature both a lightweight design by using an aluminum coil and axle.

Available on the market around August 2012
SHIMANO SORA, your partner for urban life!

The new components of SHIMANO SORA are suitable for both road and pavement biking. Extremely useful when you are riding your bike in an urban area. SORA provides satisfaction, a comfort feeling, confidence and a stress free bike ride. SHIMANO introduces a shifting option on a flat handlebar for a smooth design and more comfort.

If you want to ‘escape’ the city and go for a bike ride into the nature, SORA is your perfect partner. The SORA 9 speed group set offers wider gear range than before and a special 12-30 cassette (CS-HG50-9). This makes it easier to go out for an adventurous tour! Besides the 12-30 cassette, there also will be a 11-30 available. For a flat handlebar and cyclo cross SORA has a dedicated compact crankset (FC-3550) available with a 46-34T chainring combination. For racing style SHIMANO added a suitable high gear 52-39T combination (FC-R350). This 2-piece crankset with integrated BB design has hyper drive SG-X chainrings.

Next to the dual control levers SHIMANO introduces flat handlebar shifting options to road style bikes! The front derailleur is compatible with dedicated flat handlebar shifters (SL-3500). RAPRIDFIRE Plus, 2-way shifting and optical gear display becomes available due to SHIMANO’S expertise in both road cycling and MTB.

Brake levers and hubs
The brake levers (BL-3500) are compatible with different SHIMANO brake options. The mode converter allows the customer to change the compatibility from the new compact V-brake and mechanical MTB disc brake to the roller brake, mechanical road disc brake and of course the BR-3500.
Because of the new racing style gear combination SHIMANO improved the hub shell serration twisting torque 30% from the FH-2200.

The group comes in a clean design and is available in stylish Mica Black.

Available on the market around July 2012
SHIMANO ALFINE brings Di2 technology to the urban sport bicycle!

In 2012/2013 SHIMANO brings two premium quality technologies together, the SHIMANO ALFINE and Di2 technology. ALFINE is the premium component group for City Touring with a stylish look and a wide-range gearing of internal geared hubs. Di2 stands for Digital Integrated Intelligence. Di2 allows changing gears just by a tip of the finger. The shifter sends an electronic signal to the hub and it changes gears immediately. This technique was introduced in DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA component groups in the last years.

The Di2 technology has proven itself in the most extreme weather conditions. Everybody who ever tested it was amazed, no exception there.

Electronic shifting in Touring!
The advantages are clear to everybody: changing gears becomes easier, it gives a clear feeling and it is more durable than mechanical shifting. Shifting becomes more reliable and faster simply by touching the shift buttons. Shifting gears while standing on the pedals is no problem for the internal geared hub. The electronic switch (SW-S705) offers easy access, short strokes and a lighter shifting effort. Next to the switch is a minimum information display (SC-S705) that indicates in which gear your riding and what the status is of the battery life.

The compact shifters provide a clean look on the handlebar. By the compact size it’s possible to grip the handlebar firmly and has less change to be damaged by hitting. Another durable advantage is that an electric cable (E-tube: EW-SD50) does not stretch compared to the mechanical version. Naturally the cables are water proof.

ALFINE goes road style
Next to the electronic switch SHIMANO developed especially for drop bar bikes an ALFINE dual control lever for integrated Di2 shifting and braking (ST-S705-R and BL-S705-L). With this option it’s possible to create a road style internal hub geared bike.

Available on the market around September 2012
Full line up (incl. 29er) new tubeless compatible SHIMANO wheels!

SHIMANO introduces two new wheels that are both tubeless compatible. The WH-MT66 and the WH-MT68. They both have UST and SHIMANO widened the inside profile of the rim for easier taping.

The WH-MT66 is an All-round cross country wheel, suitable for a variety of rider tuned applications. The wheel gives a direct power transfer and an excellent feeling on the trails. It has a SHIMANO sealing tubeless system which is made by the SHIMANO factory. The WH-MT66 has a 26 and 29 inch spec.

SHIMANO especially developed for the 29er a 24 holes straight pull spoke lacing front wheel and 28 holes straight pull spoke rear wheel for more stiffness and a better weight balance. The front wheel (WH-MT66-F15-29) weighs 945g and the rear (WH-MT66-R-29) 1080g.

The 26 inch wheels both have 24 straight pull spoke lacing. The front wheel (WH-MT66-F) weighs 840g and the rear wheel (WH-MT66-R) 985g. All the WH-MT66 wheels have a 19C rim and will be available in a new colorful design and white option.

For more aggressive trail riding SHIMANO developed the WH-MT68. Find your line with this excellent balanced and competitive wheel! This wheel is also tubeless compatible and adaptable to multiple tire choices. The front wheel (WH-MT68-F15) has a 15mm axle and weighs 910g. The rear wheel (WH-MT68-R12) has a 12mm quick release axle and weighs 1050g. The rims are wider (21C) and also available in white.

Available on the market around July 2012.
High performance disc brake with 30% more stopping power!

SHIMANO has improved their road mechanical disc brake for All-weather circumstances (BR-R515) significantly. For optimal performance SHIMANO was able to increase braking power by 30% compared to the current BR-R505 model. Besides the increased braking power the designers of SHIMANO were able to lower the profile design by 20% which saves the mechanical disc brake from damage and reduces weight. The BR-R515 weighs 181g.

SHIMANO brings the improved road mechanical disc brake to cyclo cross (BR-CX75)! This disc brake is especially developed for All-weather and All-terrain circumstances. In tough cyclo cross conditions the BR-CX75 shows its full potential. The BR-CX75 weighs 156g.

Available on the market around around August 2012